GRant Fund Information

Frances Chartier

This grant information is published as amended in May, 2013.

Purpose: The Southwest Region Frances Chartier Helping Hand Grant Program is designed to provide chapters with funds to both further projects of long-term value to the Records and Information Management profession and to assist new or financially impaired or challenged chapters.

Scope of the Program: This program will provide funding to individual chapters in amounts between $100 and $1,000 per grant, in increments of $100.  No more than four (4) grants will be awarded in any given fiscal year. No more than $1,000 will be awarded per quarter.  Multiple grants can be awarded within one (1) quarter not to exceed $1,000 in said quarter. No chapter may receive more than one (1) grant within one (1) fiscal year, nor may a chapter receive a grant without having fulfilled the administration procedures.

Administration of the Grant Program: The program will be administered by a Grant Evaluation Committee composed of five (5) members, including:

1.  A committee chairman, appointed by the Southwest Region Manager

2.  The Southwest Region Treasurer

3.  The Chapter President of a small-size chapter (up to 50 members), appointed by the Southwest Region Manager

4.  The Chapter President of a medium-size chapter (51 – 125 members), appointed by the Southwest Region Manager

5.  The Chapter President of a large-size chapter (126 or more members), appointed by the Southwest Region Manager

The authority of the members of the committee shall be limited by these Grant Guidelines as approved by a 2/3 vote of the Chapter Presidents within the Southwest Region. The committee shall be empowered to provide grants within the scope of the Grant Guidelines once it has received written certification from the Southwest Region Treasurer that the necessary funds are available within the scope of the Southwest Region Fund.

Committee members may, from time to time, suggest changes to the Grant Guidelines in order to enhance the operation and function of the program.  Changes to the Grant Guidelines must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the Southwest Region Chapter Presidents.  Proposed changes to the Grant Guidelines shall be presented to the Chapter Presidents by the Southwest Region Manager.

Suggested Types of Projects: It is the intent of the Southwest Region to maximize its flexibility in providing grants.  While not all inclusive, below is a list of suggested types of grants which may be awarded:

1.  Advancement of Standards – Chapters may apply for grants for projects that advance the development and implementation of standards (ISO, ANSI, AIIM, ARMA and others) which will prove to be of a lasting benefit to the members of the Region and to the Records and Information Management Profession.

2.  Training/Certification Programs – Programs that provide improved training opportunities, enhanced educational opportunities or certification efforts outside of the scope of the ICRM may be considered.

3.  Networking Projects – Specific programs or projects which enhance the opportunities for networking may be considered by the committee.

4.  Projects Promoting Records and Information Management or ARMA International – Projects which provide for the long-term promotion of the records and information management profession or the promotion of ARMA International may be considered.

5.  Other Projects – Any other projects that provide long-term benefits to the members within the Southwest Region or to the members of ARMA International as a whole may be considered, as well as,

a.  Program speakers for chapter seminars, workshops, conferences or monthly meetings.

b.  Establishing or maintaining a Chapter newsletter.

c.  Chapter promotional activities.

d.  Chapter libraries or other educational resources.

e.  Legitimate operational needs.

f.  Travel to the Regional Leadership Conference.

g.  Any of the SW Region Chapters’ conferences or seminars.

Projects that maximize the benefits for ARMA International and/or for the members of the Southwest Region will have priority over those that provide for more limited benefit. Chapters should consider the "transportability" of projects from their chapter to other chapters that may have an interest in pursuing similar endeavors.

Projects that promote any individual or commercial interests are strictly prohibited.  Information regarding the project shall be made readily available to all chapters within the Southwest Region and to all members within the Region.

Application Procedures: Applications for the Southwest Region Grant Program shall be submitted to the Southwest Region Treasurer for processing.  Deadlines for submission are:

• September 1st (for 1st Quarter July-September)

• December 1st (for 2nd Quarter October-December)

• March 1st (for 3rd Quarter January-March)

• June 1st (for 4th Quarter April-June)

If the submission does not reach the region treasurer by deadline, it will roll over to the next quarter. 

Applications should be submitted to the Southwest Region Treasurer in the format of a report. Applications must include all of the items listed below.  Please submit applications by email with pdf attachments.  Please note that applications must provide all of the following information: 

1.  Completed Region Grant Form.

2.  A clear statement of the project.

3.  Information regarding the purpose and scope of the project.

4.  A copy of the most recent chapter financial report.

5.  A key chapter contact person who will have responsibility for the project.

6.  A statement of the benefits for members outside of the chapter conducting the project.

Application Processing: Once an application has been received, the Southwest Region Treasurer will ascertain the availability of funds for the project.  He/She will forward certification regarding the availability of full or partial funding to the members of the Grant Evaluation Committee. The Southwest Region Treasurer will also forward complete copies of the grant application to the Chairman of the Grant Evaluation Committee.  The Chairman of the Grant Evaluation Committee shall be responsible for working with all committee members to provide the chapter with a final decision regarding the disposition of the grant request within one (1) month of the initial receipt of the grant application.  The Chairman of the Grant Evaluation Committee shall also be responsible for communicating questions, information requests and the final decision with the chapter.

Upon arriving at a final decision regarding the grant application, the Chairman of the Grant Evaluation Committee shall inform the chapter and the Southwest Region Manager of that decision. The Chairman shall also communicate any "conditions" that may have been attached to that grant to the aforementioned parties.

After completion of that task, the Southwest Region Treasurer shall provide the approved funds to the chapter making the successful application.  The decision of the Grant Evaluation Committee shall be final.

Revision of the Grant Guidelines:  These guidelines may be revised by a 2/3 vote of the Chapter Presidents within the Southwest Region. Recommendations for change may come from the Southwest Region Manager, Southwest Region Coordinators, Southwest Region Treasurer, the members of the Grant Evaluation Committee or the Chapter Presidents of the Southwest Region chapters.  No other authority shall be empowered to make revisions of these guidelines.